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For a Short Time Only

A couple people asked for a compiled Conversations with Mom (in case they missed some I guess). So here it is compiled and free:

Nook/Epub File to download –

Kindle File to download –

There’s a bonus conversation at the end that I never posted on the FaceBooks.

Why we don’t win wars anymore and embolden organizations like ISIS to attack our citizens

The problem is with two words “Exit Strategy.” We all hear the talking heads, consultants, politicians and arm chair quarterbacks (and yes I realize the irony of this statement) talk about how warfare has changed, that the enemy Is harder to find, or more insidious. Frankly I find these words to be false, they are […]

The sad truth about anti-immigration.

I’ve read, heard and thought about every argument against allowing illegal immigrants to stay in the US. And I’ve come to the conclusion that the only decent thing to do is, after immigration reform, to immediately send back any illegal immigrants back to their country of origin, with a bill to that country for repatriation […]