My Soul Fillers

I engage

With the outdoors,


I seek and find

The hiding adventure wherever I may be.

I walk down a new path

(or an old one with fresh eyes),

While lazing and drinking in the unfamiliar

(and drinking in an unfamiliar beer as well, on occassion),

Almost always


I seek and find:

A new view;

A new perspective;

And I unconsciously, or

More correctly,

Without forethought

Often resolve the


which pulls me down,


SOLO thought and conclusions that allow me to



And pizza, good pizza fills my soul,

Not coincidentally, my belly as well.

I may need some soul filling tonight.

Come to think of it.

Pizza and Beer

This short piece was part of a writing class I took, each day you were given a prompt/subject to write about. This prompt was:WRITING PROMPT Write an entire poem without using any punctuation. Write it again properly punctuated. Compare the emotional impact of the two. Apply this as you decide how to use punctuation going forward. The link:

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