Hannibal Lecter’s Photo Journal Reciting “Stopping By Woods On A Snowy Evening” by Robert Frost During the SnowZilla Blizzard

Quid Snow, Snow, Clarice, Quid Snow Snow… Clearly the child with the awfully noisy snow blower hasn’t completed his task yet. I shall have to give him some additional incentive. Perhaps a nice root beer accompanied with his mothers liver… Continue Reading

The Well

We have hands to write the word. We have tongues to speak the word. The Well Can only see and hear the word We write and speak, And holds the word within Its Depths. –  The History of the Well. Chapter 1 – An unsuccessful journey (minor changes)Chapter 2 – The Well and the well (new 10/17/2015)Chapter 3 – The memories of the Well (minor timeline changes)Chapter 4 – The Visitor and the missing visitor (unchanged)              .I. October, the Fifth Year of the Eighty-First Well

Chase sat at the Continue Reading

The world is ending in 24 hours. How would it end and what would you do?

In the beginning… The world, or humankind if not the world, or civilization if not humankind, has ended (or been threatened with ending) countless times in literature; mythology, religion, movies, and music. Stars dying, Stars flaring, asteroids, aliens, war, global… Continue Reading