Source Images:
WP_20160102_16_14_50_ev0_Pro (3).jpg (Av: F1.9; Tv: 1/525 sec.; ISO: 50; FL: 0.0 mm)
WP_20160102_16_14_50_ev0_Pro (2).jpg (Tv: 1/1019 sec.; FL: 0.0 mm)
WP_20160102_16_14_50_ev0_Pro.jpg (Tv: 1/271 sec.; FL: 0.0 mm)
WP_20160102_16_14_51_ev0_Pro (2).jpg (Tv: 1/120 sec.; ISO: 80; FL: 0.0 mm)
WP_20160102_16_14_51_ev0_Pro.jpg (Tv: 1/134 sec.; ISO: 50; FL: 0.0 mm)
Fusion 2.8.5 (Exposure Fusion Mode 1)

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